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Testimonials“Shawana was excellent! She is a great asset to your company.”Shrhonda C.

“Room very clean – staff friendly and professional.” Monty R.

“The professionalism of this staff is outstanding. The comfort they offer and the ease at which they explain everything, answer all questions and help you understand what you are going through is wonderful. Nick is so polite and helpful. He made me feel as though I was the most important person in the world. The doctor once again came in and fully explained and answered all questions without being rushed. He gave me all the time I wanted, not just needed. Excellent!!”Susie C.

“Staff was wonderful.”Emilia G.

“Nick was great. The doctor was very helpful and informative.”Jacques D.

“Carlos was very knowledgeable – gave me a better understanding of how the CPAP machines work, plus helping me to understand the importance of me being proactive for my health. Carlos was very professional and personable.” – Martha S.

“Very nice experience!”Robert T.

“I was very impressed with the whole ordeal. I am very pleased.”Melanie C.

“Very satisfied. Best sleep I have had as long as I can remember.”Angel G.

“The staff turned what I thought would be odd nevertheless embarrassing situation into a wonderful experience. I had a very positive experience and will tell my primary care provider this is a very preferred office.” Robert M.

“Everything was explained well. The technician was very friendly and helpful.”Rebecca S.

“The room is so comfortable and relaxing. If it wasn’t for the study I would have felt as if I was vacationing at a nice resort!”Blanca C.

“The staff took good care of me and explained everything in detail. I would definitely refer someone here.” – Mario M.

“The room was very pleasant.”Michael L.

“I had an enjoyable stay at the sleep center. Everything was explained to me in full; staff was really friendly.” – Brian T.

“The staff was exceptional. Very professional and courteous.”Ottie G.

“Very outstanding place to go to!”Adolph S.

“Great care and services.”Miguel M.

“The technician was extremely professional, knowledgeable and efficient. I will definitely recommend Alamo to others.”Maralyn B.

“The staff did a great job. I felt comfortable throughout the procedure. Everything went smoothly. I would recommend Alamo Sleep Disorders Center to everyone. I am very happy with y’all!”Timothy L.

“I felt like I was treated as someone special.”Roberta M.

“Wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be…it was much better!”Raul G.

“Wonderful, kind technician!”Melissa W.

“I was very satisfied with the outstanding professional service that I received from your staff.”Randolph S.

“Just an overall positive sleep study experience.”Jason P.

“I would recommend Alamo to others because the staff are very nice and they make you feel at home.” - Maria E.

“I would like the doctor and staff to know that I’m very thankful for the time they took to help me understand and make me comfortable.”Enrique F.

“Best treatment a patient can expect!”Felix G.

“Staff was very friendly. I felt right at home.”David E.

“This was a much better experience than I could have anticipated. I am very glad that I have found a solution to my problems with sleep I have had for many years.” – Michael G.

“I was very pleased with the staff and their knowledge of the study. The facility was very clean and the rooms were very nice.”Anthony F.

“My room was like the Holiday Inn! I believe this type of environment, home-like, contributed to my comfort level – a great ideal. I was very impressed with both the technician and doctor’s professionalism, kindness and genuine concern about my health. Great job!”Larry W.

“I would highly recommend others to have their study performed here. Keep up the great work!”Ernestine M.